Organization For International Investment

Content First works with the Organization For International Investment (OFII) to produce its annual state-by-state “ insourcing” statistics for display on the OFII website in its Facts About Insourcing section.   

We colloborate with OFII to produce targeted national and state-by-state press releases to generate earned media coverage in all major national and state markets.  Over the years, OFII insourcing statistics have been covered by the Associated Press, Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, San Jose Mercury News,  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Dallas Business Journal.

Armed with understandable facts and figures, OFII was able to make a compelling case to congressional lawmakers at a public event on Capitol Hill on the benefits of “insourcing” to the U.S. economy.

Further, the association regularly uses the data to advance its public policy agenda with other key audiences including national and state public policy officials, the press, and the public.

Client Benefits

This example illustrates how Content First worked with OFII to make technical economic information accessible to targeted audiences, including: