Employment Multipliers

Content First provides clients with the data they need to meet their business objectives.  One example is employment multipliers. 

The following table provides you with some sample employment multipliers for select industries, Content First has more industries and more detailed information available.   Employment multipliers are the number of jobs effected by a change in employment for the base industry.  For example, for farm products the multiplier is 1.5, meaning that for every job change in the farm products industry effects 1.5 other jobs.   Generally, this means that if employment increases by one job in farm products, then 1.5 other jobs are created throughout the economy.

United States Industry Employment Multipliers


Employment Multiplier

Farm and Agriculture Services, Forestry, and Fishing:
Farm products and agricultural, forestry, and fishing services 1.5
Forestry and fishing products 5.6
Coal mining 4.4
Oil and gas extraction 6.9
Metal mining and nonmetalic minerals, except fuels 2.3
Construction 1.6
Food and kindred products and tobacco products 5.5
Textile mill products 2.5
Apparel and other textile products 2.0
Paper and allied products 3.6
Printing and publishing 1.7
Chemicals and allied products and petroleum and coal products 6.3
Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products and leather and leather products 2.2
Lumber and wood products and furniture and fixtures 2.3
Stone, clay, and glass products 2.4
Primary metal industries 3.7
Fabricated metal products 2.2
Wholesale and Retail Trade
Wholesale trade 1.9
Retail trade 0.8

Source:  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analyis