We Have the Industry Data You Need

Content First provides clients with the data they need to meet their business objectives.  Not only can Content First quantify your industry, but we can also quantify the indirect effects of your industry on the economy. 

Content First provides our clients with a wealth of understandable data to meet their business objectives. Many clients need data that demonstrate the importance of their industry to the overall U.S. economy.  These statistical facts and figures are used by our clients to show public policy officials, business leaders, and the press, among others, what their industry means.  Equally important, Content First supplies its clients with statistics on the number of U.S. jobs tied to a specific industry sector.

The following table provides examples of the number of jobs created by major American industry sectors both in terms of direct and indirect employment.  Content First has more industries and more detailed information available.

Direct and Indirect Employment

U.S. Industry

Direct Employment

Indirect Employment

Total Employment

Coal mining 79,900 351,600 431,500
Oil and gas extraction 338,000 2,332,200 2,670,200
Construction 6,685,000 10,696,000 17,381,000
Food and kindred products and tobacco products 1,690,900 9,300,000 10,990,900
Textile mill products 477,500 1,193,800 1,671,300
Apparel and other textile products 566,000 1,132,000 1,698,000
Printing and publishing 1,490,800 2,534,400 4,025,200
Stone, clay, and glass products 570,700 1,369,700 1,940,400
Primary metal industries 656,200 2,427,900 3,084,100
Fabricated metal products 1,482,500 3,261,500 4,744,000
Wholesale and Retail Trade
Wholesale trade 6,776,000 12,874,400 19,650,400
Retail trade 2,352,200 1,881,800 4,234,000

Note:  Direct and indirect employment data are derived from the employment multipliers.
Source:  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analyis and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics